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Thank you all for checking in with me, commenting and following my blog. I have created a new site that all posts, pictures and other goodness will be posted to. Please follow this link and keep tabs on me @ I'd love to hear from you over there. Hugs to all, Michelle

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A cute card I made for a friend who recently had a baby. The photo is in a magnet frame that she can remove from the card. The inside sentiment is " have a child to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." Tomorrow I'll be dropping by the post office to mail it and the Pennywise Calendar.
This is my entry for the month of May. We each make 12 of the same month then send them to the host. She will then make each of us a year calendar that fits into a CD case and send the year back to each of us.
Today we celebrated DDs 21st birthday. uggggh She was impressed with the birthday card I made for her. My parents came over to share the day with us. DD and my dad shared the champagne.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Here is a picture of one of my gardens. Most of these plants are now a year old and so nice and big! I love it.

Deb and I took a beading class where we made earrings and a matching bracelet. They came out beautiful. I bought more 'fixings' to make another pair of earrings at home. I didn't have all the right tools, but I think they came out great. I'm going to take apart the sterling earrings and put it back together using gold. The sterling makes my ears itch.
This is a picture that I painted for Butch. He's from Texas and I thought he might enjoy having this in his TV room. I first bought I painting at Goodwill, then applied gesso. Once that was dry, I penciled in the state and painted. It came out pretty bright so I then applied a stain to the picture. That is exactly what it needed.
The picture came out beautifully. I made some (faux) cow hide pillows and covered a couple of ottomans with the same fabric. His room is starting to look finished.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Interesting...I got a request from someone on one of my Yahoo groups that would like to do a trade with me. She wants the first ATC in the pictures posted on October 9th and one of my very first Asian ATCs. I'll see how that goes. I am also in touch with someone who I am going to be doing a fabric ATC swap with. Here is the first one I have made. I love it!

The clerk at the post office was not very surprised for my wish to send Sadie her Halloween bottle. I guess they see all sorts of crazy things go through. I was pleased that it only cost $1.49 to mail!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I've been pretty busy making ATCs, I think I've found my nitch. I love vintage photos. I'll be sending six of these off to a swap called Vintage Women and then another six are going to a Keep It Going swap. Sometimes it's hard to let them go, but that's the fun of making them ~ that someone else will be receiving them. Hopefully I'll receive some very nice art back. To get a better look, you can click on these photos and they will open up in a new window.

I also completed the Halloween goodie bottle that will be going to the post office today. I'm wondering what the clerk will say when I hand it over.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:

Her Noble Excellency Michelle the Implacable of Greater Sodbury

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Turned out that I needed to make 4 Glitter ATCs. I love glitter so that was no problem. They are sitting on the counter in their hand-made envelopes, ready to go in the mail. I also put together a Halloween surprise for my niece. ( I doubt she reads this) It was a neat idea they have on the Go Make Something site. Take a clean plastic bottle, put a slit down the side and put the goodies in. Then seal up the slit with the address label. That's ready to go too. I'll have to bring it to the post office to see how much postage it will need.
BF and I took a stamp class at Michaels. Lucky for us there were just the two of us and the instructors BF, who is a skilled stamper and probably there just to support her. I enjoyed the class, we made three Halloween cards and saw about 50 beautiful cards that the instructor (Betty) brought to show us. I just might get hooked on this crazy making cards stuff. I'll be going next week too, and I get to pick what kind of cards we'll be making. I am leaning towards a shaker card and flocked card.
I am almost completely done with an old school desk that DH and I got out of someone's garbage. I have sanded, stained it and it now has 4 coats of poly on it. I think I want at least 2 more coats because I want it to be shiny.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No phone, no tv and no internet for 24 hours. What's a girl to do!!??? Well I thought of a few things to keep myself occupied while I waited for the tech to show up. I finished the 6 emboss resist ATCs that Deb (BF :-) and I had started. It was hard to do because I usually start with an image. These backgrounds were doubly difficult because they looked so good without any embellishments on them. They're done ~ in the mail ready to move on to the next project. Moms birthday is coming up, so I decided to make her a card. Having never made a card it was a learning experience but it came out great. I made two so that I'll have a copy. I also made two ATCs for a Glitter ATC swap on swap-bot.
I guess I should also include that I did do some housework. I vacuumed all the floors in the house plus the laundry room which is technically not in the house. It's where the bugs usually go to die. When that was finished, Liyah (dog) and I had to take a break in the pool.
I didn't win the Beadie Buddied Bonanza at Pennywise, so I'll have to mail out my entry to the winner. She got alot of good loot. I am definitely staying for the October BBB.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Turns out that I didn't sleep very well last night and did some art while I was half asleep. Half asleep Michelle is not very tidy nor very talented. When I was fully awake and had eaten my oatmeal I was ready for a wide awake project. I worked a bit on the CD that I painted with acrylics. The paint seems to be staying on pretty well. I also did a collage on another CD. They both need some embellishments so I'll work on that tomorrow. I still don't have a plan for what purpose they are going to serve. Can they just be pretty?
Speaking of pretty, DD went to the doctor about her bad knees. The doctor is referring her to an orthopedists, plus she needs to get blood work and x-rays. I guess we'll be getting to the bottom of her pains finally. Hopefully it won't include knee braces or arthroscopic surgery.