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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flower Cart

Happy today! Tomorrow...well that will be a different situation. Yes, it's Friday which is good for most peeps. But for me it means another round of epidurals. This time we are going to try to take away some of the problems that I am having in my lower back. It's been just over a year since my fusion and I am still having loads of difficulty. So cross your fingers for me that these next few weeks will be worth all the trouble of having needles stuck into my spine. ugggg

So onto this adorable gift box. Yes, gift box!! See the little pink ribbon pull? This is sooo cute! I came across the directions at Mu-Ha.Blogspot. I'll warn you's all in Russian. If you'd like to make the wheel barrow and need help with the tutorial, just let me know.

Chipboard, Brads, Kraft and Pretty in Pink card stock, hand made flowers (by me).


Anonymous said...

So pretty,Beautiful !!!
Nadya Mu-Ha Russia

julieloo said...

Such a lovely cart! And wonderful handmade flowers!!
Julie, Russia ))

Helen said...

Wow, you made the wheel barrow! I came across that blog and saved the template but haven't made one yet. Love how your turned out. Thanks for visiting my blog.