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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Another beautiful day in gorgeous Florida. I love it here! I am from New Hampshire and those poor folks, including my son, have had the worst winter. I say come on down!!!
Today I decided to work with some of my new stamps from the starter kit. I have my first workshop coming up so I want to have some examples to show. My challenge was to not add any ribbon since I don't have any from SU (yet). These stamps are part of the Pun Fun set and they came out pretty cute. I like adding the dots, it seems to add quite a bit to the card. I am thinking maybe on adding some more dots around the Get Whale Soon card.


Vivian Swain said...

These are awsome cards Michelle and a very nice watercoloring job.

Vivian Swain

Chrissy said...

Awsome cards! I love them both! I like the white dots too! Great job!


Scrapbookmama said...

OHHH I am one of those poor souls w/freezing bad weather! lol I'm in NY I am sooooooo tired of this weather I can't wait to go outside and feel that beautiful warm weather! :) I love these cards I just got this set w/my demo kit and haven't been able to play I will this week though! :)Thank you so much for sharing :)


baby bratz said...

I luv both those card!Cute tfs
-chrissys little sis

Corie said...

These are just so adorable!!

Miss Em said...

Lovein it! So cute!!!!