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Sunday, January 25, 2009

long winded

Today I'd like to share a bit of our fun filled life. The story involves my daughter, Ciara, our pup, Liyah and a stray dog that Ciara named Ewok. ~ Ciara brought Liyah for a walk and didn't get too far when two lose big dogs, one being a pit bull, decided they didn't like Liyah. Luckily for both of them, Ciara was able to get the dogs off of Liyah, picked her up and ran home with her. I don't know who was shaken up more, Ciara or Liyah. They were both very lucky! Liyah only had a one inch puncture wound behind her ear and a very swollen neck. We called Animal Control who took pictures and Ciara gave her statement. What happened to the dogs after that, I have no idea but I haven't seen them in a week. Liyah has just finished her pain meds and most of the neck swelling has gone down. So I decided it's a good day to go give the owners our vet bill. Boy was I a nervous wreck! I could barely get my words out, but it looked like the owner was just as nervous. I think she was relieved, when I gave her the bill, that it was only $80. She said she would bring the money to me after lunch...well it's 4:15, do you think they are still eating?? So back up a bit. About three days after 'the incident' the dogs owners 10 year old daughter knocked on my door. So I answer and she has a small dog with her that is in some major need of a grooming and asks if I know who's dog it is. I've never seen it an I am wondering why on earth she has come to my my house. This girl was actually outside when the attack happened and was able to pull one of her dogs away so I'm sure she knows that our family is not that happy with her family. So I tell the girl, I have no idea who's dog it is but we'll take it inside and call Animal Control. Boy, I'm out of breath writing all this and I'm sure you are getting bored. So to make a long story short, we got to play animal groomer while we waited for the Animal Control to come. We gave him the name Ewok because Ciara thought he looked like an Ewok then gave him a nice bath and combed out his fur. Hopefully by now he has been reunited with his owners, if not I'm sure he is making someone a wonderful pet. ok, I'll stop blathering now. I hope you're still awake!
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Susan Shields said...

That is so tragic, and so preventable. I'm sorry to hear about your puppy, but am so thankful it didn't end up more serious. Pit bulls , as wonderful as their owners believe them to be, are dangerous! How many horrific attacks will it take to convinve people?
I hope your neighbors come thru for you and pay your bill.
On another note....your daughter is gorgeous!