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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Well here it is, my finished wallet photo album . It was the second challenge from our group at the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers 7 The original challenge can be found on Splitcoast.
I decided to make the album for my daughter who is back at school. I have a gazillion pictures of her dog so that was an easy choice to use the pup. "Our" dog's name is Liyah and she is a Jackapoo. What is a Jackapoo, you ask. It's a mix of a jack Russell terrier and a poodle. We used to live in NH and Liyah loved to run and play in the snow. She would always chase snowballs and bury
her head in the snow. The first picture is her with her face covered in snow. Next, she's all snuggly with a blanket and pillow. Ciara often calls her Wubby and they snuggle together quite often.
Now that we are in Florida, Liyah gets to go swimming in the pool. Whenever her little heart, or mine, desires. The last picture is a classic Liyah look. Once I adheared all the pictures, then the fun began with decorating. I used little paper flowers with rhinestones in the middle.
I think Ciara is going to love this little album.


kerri said...

ooh Michelle gorgeous.

Sewflake said...

Oh she has the cutes little face, I will have to tell my co-worker about her. She has a jack russel, your card is great, I need to get started on the one I want to make for a birthday card/gift.