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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Check this out. I came up with the coolest idea to organize the Stampin' Up! Catalog. I was always having trouble trying to find a stamp set in the catalog because there are so many things packed into the catalog. Well, (I said to myself) why don't I make some tabs on the side. WOW what a fabulous idea! So using my computer, I typed out all the tab headings that I would need, printed them out and using my least favorite color that I seem to have an awful lot of, I mounted them onto YoYo Yellow that was punched out with the new Scallop Square.

Here's a close up for you. The scallops even match the scallops on the edge of the catalog. How cool is that!

My husband and I were having a discussion about how to pronounce the word scallops. I pronounce the A like in the word tall. He pronounces it like the A in cat. He's from Texas and I'm from New Hampshire. Is it a regional thing? How do you pronounce it??
Leave me a comment on where you live and how you pronounce the word scallops.
Have a glitter filled day,

Michelle Bowley


Nancy said...

I pronounce scallops with the cat "A" sound, but then again...I'm from Texas! :)
That's cute what you did with the SU! catalog. I've only seen the online one but not IRL. Have a good one Michelle!

Rosette said...

I pronounce it like "cat".. And I'm from malta! :)

Carol Matthews said...

Hi - love your catty with the yoyo yellow tabs!
I'm from Nova Scotia - so we're on the same coast at least, and I pronounce scallops the same way you do - as in 'tall'.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Tx. also. I pronounce it like You. I thought the other was like scalloped potatoes

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

I guess I pronounce it 'cat' A sound...but, I am from California. Great idea btw, with the scallops and indexing!

ChrissyM said...

Love the way you organized your catty, very clever. I prononce scallops with the cat A and I'm from upstate NY. Interesting post.

Blestmomof6 said...

OMG Michelle, I am laughing so hard right now! What a wild post! You have generated quite the conversation....and I have to ask you, because, well, you know me! "Do you hold your little finger up in the air when you say that word with the "tall" A sound?"
For me, it's like scalloped potatoes! A like CAT! And I am a native Arizonian to boot, so I have no accent! LOL
Oh, and btw, love your scallopped (with cat A) index tabs!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from WI and I say it like CAT as well. AND, I was just going to be doing this exact thing to my catty tomorrow because I can't stand not knowing which page things are on. Thanks for the visual!!

Linda said...

I'm from Chicago, so we pronounce it like 'Cat'

Love your catalog tabs.

Dawn said...

Well I guess I pronounce it like no other because I'm from Scotland!!! LOL

Shelly said...

Michelle, you and your husband are both pronouncing it correctly... the thing is, you are talking about two different things. The way you are pronouncing it is the sea food scallop. The way he is pronouncing it is the type of edging. So there ya go.. you can both be right! lol

kerri said...

hi Michelle i am in australia and we go with your way of saying it.

Michelle said...

Well, I'm from New Zealand, and we pronounce it "scollop" - the 'oll' like 'Olive'! Just found your blog, and it's fantastic!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I'm a SU demo in New Plymouth, NZ, and love finding such great ideas as what you have here. Have a great day!